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Mr. Raymond Yeap

This is Raymond, he is a Chinese Orchestra’s cellist, bassist. He has more than 5 years of experience on stage performances with countless awards.
He loves to sing, he learnt his singing skills from one of the biggest super stars in Asia, LeeHom Wang. He wanted to share the knowledge he has got to people who loves to sing as well.

这是 Raymond, 拥有超过五年华乐团的舞台经验, 也曾为乐团获奖无数。 主要乐器是大提琴, 也有数次倍大提琴的台上演奏。
他热爱唱歌, 也在某个平台与亚洲歌王王力宏学习歌唱技巧, 将所学所得传授于大众