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Online FREE Tuition Centre

Why Dolphin Builders Edu?

We strive to create a worldwide renowned company which is proudly founded by Malaysian Chinese.

At least KPLSPM / DPLI / Diploma / Degree holders.

With online tuition student can now attend top tutoring programmes anytime, anywhere with an internet connection and a device (smartphone/ iPad/ desktop/ laptop)

During a live online lesson, students can see the tutor’s teaching via screen sharing, ask questions in real time via chat box.

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Dr. Lim Chee Ping

Mr. Prakash

Ms. Stacey

Mr. Naresh

Online FREE Tuition Centre

What Our Members Say

Tan Ying Ying

我是胡应殷,很喜欢上骆老师的数学课。骆老师教课不会闷,很棒棒哒!! 谢谢您!!!感恩有您!!!!

Celine Yin


Ng Shuenn Pyng


Yaya Peh

我孩子参加了Mr Loke 的数学和Mr Prakash的马来文和英文班.她很喜欢上课因为她觉得这2位老师的教学很有趣和详细,容易明白.而且每堂课老师们都会给予一些练习让她学习得更容易明白.非常推荐

Chew SH


Chor Huei Cheen

Both English and Bahasa classes which conducted by Teacher Prakash are good. Teacher Prakash is a teacher whom has significant experience in teaching both subjects. He is good. His way of teaching is very interesting and my son enjoys it very much.

Lee Siew Inn

谢谢Dolphin Builder!老师很有耐心,而且教学很有趣!我儿子上课都专心了很多,也不压力。

Online FREE Tuition Centre

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Feb 2021
School shoes and technology device donation for primary school

June 2021
Donate dumplings  (aka “Bak Zhang”) to Penang orphanage.

July 2021
Donation to Penang Foodbank

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