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Ms Stacey Lim

I am Stacey Lim, and I am in this profession of teaching in a primary private school for ten years. I started my teaching experience as a personal tutor in 2010, and after that, I received a job offer from a primary private school and became a primary school teacher.

For me, teaching is a noble profession and learning should be fun and creative. Students can learn well and apply their knowledge effectively if they understood what they are learning, and they have a high interest in learning. Looking forward to teaching the kids the Chinese Language in a fun and creative approach! Happy Learning!

同时,我也是 Open University Malaysia (OUM)的实习心理咨询师。由于我们即将建立专业的辅导关系,所以在此提供一些与心理咨询有关的资料。

In the meanwhile, I’m also a trainee counsellor at Open University Malaysia (OUM) and we are about to engage in a professional counselling relationship.

  • Passion for continuous learning and personal growth
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Strong commitment
  • Passion in education
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Love challenges
  • Good communication skills (Mandarin and English)
  • Planning and Organizing events or activities
  • A motivational speaker in the school setting
  • 10 years of personal tutoring and working as a schoolteacher in Private Primary school.