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Dolphin Edu4Dream Programme
Dolphin Education Development Programme

Dolphin Builders Edu is an online education platform in Malaysia that provides tuition classes to public through live. During current Covid-19 pandemic, Dolphin Builders Edu has decided to provide free online tuition classes (Dolphin Education Programmes) to help needy students and orphanage since September. We firmly believe that an education should not be measured by cost. Therefore, we are determined to promote the concept of educational equality.

Students who are participating in this Program could enroll all courses on our platform for free. The tuition classes not only limited to primary and secondary school subjects, but also include fitness and piano classes.

We wish that all students could gain more additional knowledges through our online tuition platform, as well as reducing parent’s financial burden. We hope that all students be able to transform to a valuable contributor to our society and country in the future.

Dolphin Builders Edu successfully convinced many philanthropists and sponsors to support this programme. If you wish to support these hard-working students by donating, you are most welcome.

Let’s work together to build our new generation to become a success achiever

Our Charity Event

View on all the Charity Events that we have from the photo album below.

Feb 2021
School shoes and technology device donation for primary school

June 2021
Donate dumplings  (aka “Bak Zhang”) to Penang orphanage

July 2021
Donation to Penang Foodbank


NanYang Business Award 2021

Dolphin Builders Programme Participant


1. 如意之家,槟城  Ruyi Home, Penang
2. 善待障碍与孤儿福利之家,雪兰莪  Kindly Orphan & Handicap Welfare Homes


1. 明新小学,槟城  SJK(c) Min Sin, Penang
2. 文开小学,槟城 SJK(c) Wen Khai, Penang
3. 卿田小学 SJK(C)KT
4. 中华B校,槟城 SJK Chung Hwa Confucian B, Penang
5. 时中分校,槟城 S.R.J.K. (c) Shih Chung Cawangan, Penang
6. 养正小学,槟城 SJK(c) Yang Cheng, Penang

7. 崇正小学,槟城 SJK (C) Chong Cheng, Penang
8. 辅有小学,槟城 SJK (C) Hu Yew Seah, Penang
9. 共和小学,槟城 SJK (C) Keong Hoe, Penang

10. 高巴三万,槟城 SJK (C) Kubang Semang, Penang
11. 励侨小学,槟城 SJK (C) Lay Keow, Penang
12. 励志小学,槟城 SJK (C) Lee Chee, Penang
13. 三民华小,槟城 SJK (C) Sum Min, Penang
14. 菩提小学,槟城 SJK (C) Phor Tay, Penang
15. 浮罗勿洞华文小学,槟城 SJK (C) Pulau Betong, Penang
16. 慕义华小分校,槟城 SJK (C) Moh Ghee Cawangan, Penang
17. 韩江小学,槟城 SJK (C) Han Chiang, Penang

18. 育华小学,槟城 SJK (C) Eok Hua, Penang

19. 班台亚齐振华小学 Sekolah Chin Hwa
20. 浮罗双溪槟榔新民小学 SJK(C) Sin Min
21.双溪里武村华文小学 SRJK(C)KG.SG.Lembu
22. 华联独中,太平
23. 后廊小学,太平 SJK(c) Aulong, Taiping
24. 新板新民小学,太平 SJK(c) Sin Min Simpang, Taiping
25. 峇登启华国民型华文小学,太平 SJK(c) Khea Wah, Taiping
26. 华联三校,太平 SJK(c) Hua Lian (3), Taiping

27. 新板育群小学,太平 SJK(c) Yuk Chuen, Taiping
28. 保阁亚三小学,太平  SJK(c) Pokok Assam, Taiping
29. 培才小学,太平 SJK(c) Phui Choi, Taiping
30. 华联华小二校,太平  SJK(c) Hua Lian (2), Taiping
31. 华联国民型华文第一小学,太平 SJK(c) Hua Lian (1), Taiping
32. 十八丁培英华文小学,槟城 SJK(c) Poay Eng Kuala Sepetang, Taiping
33. 万华华小一校,怡宝 SJK(c) Wan Hwa (1), Ipoh
34. 三德华小,怡宝 SJK(c) Sam Tet, Ipoh

35.香林学校,马六甲 SJK(c) Siang Lin, Melaka
36. 道文华文小学,柔佛  SJK(c) Thorburn, Johor
37. 芙蓉波德申圣斗納华,森美兰 SJK(c) St.Leonards, Negeri Sembilan
38. 芙蓉拉杭华小,森美兰  SJK(c) Kg Baru Rahang Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
39. 武吉不兰律益侨华文小学,森美兰 SJK(c) Yik Chiao Bukit Pelandok, Negeri Sembilan
40. 吉打十字港益民国民型华文小学,吉打  SJK(c) Yih Min, Kedah
41. 平民华小,吉打 SJK(c) Peng Min, Kedah


1. 吉华国民型华文中学二校,吉打 SMJK Keat Hwa II, Kedah

We thank you for your helps for the poors.