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Ms ShioaPor

Hello! I am Ms ShioaPor. I learned to dance, then taught dance, and then discovered the secret of dance. Do you want to explore the mystery of dance with me? Let’s dance together!

嗨, 你好!我是晓波教练。我学舞蹈,然后教舞蹈,过后发现舞蹈的秘密。你也想和我一起探索舞蹈的奥妙吗? 我们一起舞吧!

  • CSTD – Modern Dance (Foundation level)
  • Championship in National
  • Chinese Cultural Dance Open Competition in 2016
  • 11年现代舞和创意舞舞蹈教育
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts (Dance)
  • Pursuing Master of Dance (to be graduates in October 2021)